Getting car theory?

Theory Bollenstreek offers the best chance to get your theory certificate for the driving license quickly and cheaply in your own living environment, in a course of 4 evenings.

Theory course in the Bulb Region

Theory Bollenstreek is the professional alternative for rogue “turbo trainers”, who recently received a lot of negative media attention. Our goal is to teach you the Theory so that you really master that knowledge.

No tricks but real traffic knowledge

No tricks but real traffic knowledge. With this theory training you are actually trained. This is not about tinkering with stupid tricks, but about continuously imparting necessary traffic knowledge. You will later find out that this is a condition for successfully taking a practical exam.

Theory course in 4 evenings

The training is spread over 4 evenings in consecutive weeks. The advantage of this is that you have more opportunity to let what you have learned sink in. Following this training is absolutely sufficient to bring your theoretical knowledge up to the required level. If you want extra certainty and also get started at home, Theory Bollenstreek will also provide you with a theory book and/or exam training via the internet.

Theory in Lisse

The rapid training car theory is given in Lisse by an experienced theory teacher. A class consists of a maximum of 12 people, so that there is plenty of opportunity to answer your own questions. The entire exam theory is treated intensively at a rapid pace and there is a lot of training with practice exams, where you use your own smartphone.

Why Theorie Bollenstreek?


Enthusiasm + hard work + good instructions + honest feedback = learning to drive well.


Jet looks at what can, may and should be done. And to what you need to move forward.


You learn in a safe car, with full options. Driving lessons, luxury and safety go hand in hand.

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meet Jet – bel 06 2294 5727

Glad I’m driving

My name is Jet Blei, but you probably already knew that. Read a bit of text about me here for a short introduction. So you know who you will be in the car with. I like driving, so please let me drive.

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Make an appointment for a theory course in my beautiful and safe Seat Tarraco (I'm proud of it). Then I will be at your door soon!


Get your driver’s license quickly

From stress and sweating to relaxed driving. Get that driver's license in the pocket quickly and safely; that's what we're going for together!

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