Glad I’m driving

My name is Jet Blei. This text is intended as a short introduction, so you know who you will be in the car with. Glad I’m driving, that goes for me. And soon for you too! I know you pay a lot of money for driving lessons. Then you can expect quality and service. And that’s what you get. My approach during the lessons? No-nonsense, practical and honest. And with humor!

Steering, switching and laughing

You are ‘locked’ in a car with a stranger for many hours… That is not a joke or a bet, but a driving lesson. You sit in a car with your instructor for all lessons. So with me. Then you want to get a good lesson and you should have fun. Besides steering and switching, I think smiling is very important. So that you have a driving license and a Blei feeling from your driving lessons.

Sounds good? Make an appointment for an intake with trial lesson in my beautiful and safe Seat Tarraco (I’m proud of it). Then I will be at your door soon!

Relaxed driving

I encourage you to think carefully for yourself. To use your abilities and qualities. This way you will learn to drive faster. And you find your own way more and more easily. From stress and sweating to relaxed driving. Get that driver’s license in the pocket quickly and safely; that’s what we’re going for together!